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Email Marketing

Seamless integration with SMS & Omnichannel marketing.


We help your business, completely free of charge, to customise our intuitive drag and drop editor to suit the graphic needs of your business

Upload and scale images, change colours and fonts, define links, add merge fields, surveys and intelligent content.

You can also add buttons for social sharing, video content – and much, much more.

With our drag and drop editor anyone can create fully responsive, beautiful newsletters that can be read and look perfect on any platform, be it PC, Mac, tablets or smartphones.

email marketing

Personalisation & Segmentation

eMailPlatform is an email marketing, marketing automation and sms marketing solution that makes it possible to engage in a genuine conversation with each individual member of your chosen audience.

You can send quite simple newsletters that can be created in a few moments using our built-in drag and drop editor, or you can set up more advanced flows that respond to the individual recipient’s habits and patterns. With our business model you pay only for the emails or SMS campaigns your business needs to send. There are no additional modules, hidden costs or conditions.

That’s how we prefer things.

Welcome aboard!

Dynamic and Relevant Content

Dynamic Content in newsletters sent by eMailPlatform changes based on the interests or past behaviour of the individual recipient. Using this tool in eMailPlatform creates an experience that is customised specifically for the reader at that precise moment

Our Relevant Content tool allows you to serve up content in your newsletters that really matters to the recipient. Using segmentation and your data, you are able to ensure that you serve up only the content that really matters to your audience.

eMailPlatform learns from your recipients behaviour and uses the information to better target your content. We use the information we gather to put your newsletter together in the optimal way.



eMailPlatform allows you to send automated emails that is filled with relevant content from your website or shop, Facebook, Instagram, finance system, or a totally different feed.

With External Content we dynamically read RSS, XML, Facebook and Instagram feeds and can automatically add these into your campaigns and automated flows within a design framework tailored specifically to your company branding.

More advanced features also make it to enable what we call Repeat Sending, where a campaign can be automatically resent if, for example, more than two articles in one or more of your chosen feeds have been updated.

You have control, you set the parameters.



Exchange of data should be easy. That is why we have developed standard integrations with all the solutions, programs, systems and services you are familiar with (and perhaps even some you have yet to discover). However, if your solution is not here then just reach out to our customer support team and they will be more than happy to help you.

eMailPlatform can easily be hooked up to your existing solutions. Amongst others we integrate with Dandomain, Drupal, DynamicWeb, e-conomic, Joomla, Magento, Microsoft CRM, Navision, PrestaShop, SalesForce, ScanCommerce, ScanNet, SmartWeb and WordPress.

The unique thing about our standard integrations is that they are maintained by eMailPlatform in cooperation with web shops, finance systems or the specific CMS provider. The integration automatically transfers data between the platforms either in a one-way or return flow.


Social Sharing

It is easy to share a newsletter on social media..

eMailPlatform supports sharing on all the well-known social media platforms. The recipient of a newsletter can, with just a few clicks, post the newsletter to their own social profile.

As a sender you can tie in eMailPlatform with your business’s Facebook or Twitter profile. eMailPlatform will then automatically be able to publish the newsletters you select.


eMailPlatform supplies you with a fully integrated survey module with advanced options. The output from these surveys can also be exported to Excel for you to work with subsequently.

Split Testing

A/B testing allows you to try out different campaigns with a sample group from a contact list or segment, and then ensure the most-appropriate campaign (dependent upon the success criteria you decide) is sent out to the remainder. Who will win: Campaign A, B or X ? Send the winner automatically to the rest of your contact list.