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Be Creative

Engage and motivate your audience using our class-leading toolset

Drag and drop editor

We help your business, completely free of charge, to customise our intuitive drag and drop editor to suit the graphic needs of your business. Upload and scale images, change colours and fonts, define links, add merge fields, surveys and intelligent content. You can also add buttons for social sharing – and much more.

With our drag and drop editor anyone can create fully responsive, beautiful newsletters that can be read and look perfect on any platform, be it PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones.

Be Creative


eMailPlatform provides a wide range of different styles and types of templates from which your business can choose.

We have: 

  • Pre-designed templates where you just have to provide the content.
  • Drag and drop templates, including predesigned templates.
  • Advanced user options to design, implement and use your own in-house designed templates.

This gives you endless options, and we are always happy to help also you design a template that matches the graphic identity of your business. We can also create drag and drop templates so they fit your design and corporate branding guidelines.

And remember, it doesn’t cost you anything to use the different supplied templates in eMailPlatform, it is all part of your subscription.

eMP FormBuilder

With just a few clicks you can create sign-up forms and update profile forms, all customised specifically to suit your site and your branding.



eMailPlatform is an email marketing, marketing automation and sms marketing solution that makes it possible to engage in a genuine conversation with each individual member of your chosen audience. You can send quite simple newsletters that can be created in a few moments using our built-in drag and drop editor, or you can set up more advanced flows that respond to the individual recipient’s habits and patterns.

Intelligent SMS Marketing

eMailPlatform combines SMS and email marketing in one and the same platform.

Once they have agreed to receive them, SMS messages can be sent quickly and easily to your recipients, and they can always unsubscribe with just a click if needs be. You can feed information from the recipient’s profile into the SMS and the automatic flows in MailPlatform can react intelligently with an SMS, for example as a follow-up on an action, or lack of action, in an email campaign.

All SMS campaigns are sent through relevant local telephone companies in order to guarantee 100% secure delivery. Prices vary per country, please contact us for more details.


We are eMailPlatform

eMailPlatform have companies in more than 10 countries and service around 10,000 customers.

The company was founded in 2011 by Kim Østergaard. It is still owned by the founder and senior executives. Jens Baun was the man behind bringing the platform to North America.

Today, we employ more than 50 employees. In addition, each country office has its own organization for onboarding, support and sales. For us it is important to be close to our customers.

We believe that constant innovation is the way to long lasting success for our customers and partners. Therefore, we launch new features and updates every single month to eMailPlatform.

eMailPlatform is a healthy company that has realized profits every year.