Simple and attractive prices based on number of contacts

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Number of contacts/recipients


0 – 750 contacts
Unlimited sending

per month

N Free email and chat support

N User-friendly solution

N We help you with moving to eMailPlatform

N Standard integrations for +900 systems

N Drag-and-drop editor

N Marketing Automation

N Automated flows

N Statistics and analysis

N Sharing on social networks

N Import/Export of contacts

N Unlimited number of users

N Dynamic/personalized content

N Segmentation of recipients

N GDPR safe – all data in DK and EU

N Split test*

NFacebook Custom Audience


0-750 contacts
Unlimited sending

per month

N All from Professional package

N Free telephone, email and chat support

N 1 hour of free training and education

N Send SMS messages

N LeadScoring

N Tracking on website and web shop

N Abandoned basket (e-commerce)

N Behavioral tracking (event tracking)

N Customization of user permissions

N Automated campaigns based on feeds

N Possibility for paid startup project

N FlowBuilder*


0-750 contacts
Unlimited sending

per month

N All from Professional and Premium packages

N Dedicated contact person – expert team

N One-to-Many (deep data)

N Segmenting in One-to-Many data

N Extraction of tracking data via API

N Setting of users in group structure

N Content management, etc. between users

N Integrations of deep data with own systems

N Customized data processing agreement and terms

N Possibility for paid startup project

N CDP (Customer Data Platform)

N AI (Machine Learning)*

N Product Predictions with Machine Learning*

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All functions Professional Premium Enterprise
Drag-and-drop editor N N N
Send newsletters N N N
Import contacts N N N
Export contacts N N N
Autoresponders N N N
Triggers N N N
Marketing Automation N N N
Statistics and analysis N N N
Segments N N N
Unlimited sendings N N N
Dynamic / personalized content N N N
Scheduled campaigns N N N
Sharing on social networks N N N
Integration with social networks N N N
FlowBuilder* M N N
Splittest* N N N
Facebook Custom Audience* N N N
Number of users unlimited unlimited unlimited
User levels N N N
Responsive design N N N
GDPR-compatible N N N
Upgrade option N N M
Downgrade option M N N
Send SMS messages M N N
Omnichannel communication M N N
Abandoned basket (e-commerce) M N N
LeadScoring M N N
Event tracking M N N
Custom User Permissions M N N
Header/footer free design M N N
One-to-Many (deep data) M M N
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning M M N
Custom Template Design M M N
SMTP can be purchased can be purchased N
Tracking M N N

Social Integrations

Facebook Automated Publishing N N N
Facebook Sharing N N N
Facebook Audiences N N N
Facebook Lead Ads N N N
Google Audiences* N N N
Linkedin Contact Targeting N N N
Linkedin Lead Gen N N N
Twitter Automated Publishing N N N

Support and Training

Chat support N N N
Email support N N N
Telephone Support M N N
Personal onboarding M N N
Dedicated contact M M N

Data storage

Data storage in EU N N N


Product feeds N N N
Google Shopping feed N N N
Facebook Newsfeed N N N
Zapier integration N N N
Integration via modules M N N
Integration via Connector M N N
Integration via API M N N
Extraction of tracking data via API M M N
CDP (Customer Data Platform) M M N
AI (Machine Learning)* M M N
Product Predictions with Machine Learning* M M N
Paid startup project N N N

*In development with expected release Q2/Q3 2019
eMailPlatform system has more functions than those mentioned above, but we have included the most important in the overview.

How to calculate the number of contacts in eMailPlatform

Your subscription to eMailPlatform is based on how many contacts you have stored in the system. In order to avoid unnecessary delays, it is possible to create more contacts in the system than your subscription allows. In case you exceed the limit for contacts in your subscription, the subscription will automatically be upgraded to the adequate package size.

Your contacts in eMailPlatform are counted for each contact card. If you have the same contact created multiple times in the system (in more than one list), the contact counts once for each creation. This means that if you have created the same contact on 2 lists, it will count for 2 contacts. The number of unique contacts is therefore not relevant in our pricing model.

There are several options for you as an eMailPlatform user. It would make most sense to store all contacts on a single list. This way you protect yourself against duplicates and ensure that your permissions are handled correctly. (Read more about GDPR and the existing initiatives in the platform:

If you have contacts on multiple lists, and the contacts thus count as duplicates, you should be aware that you need permissions for each list.

If you have collected all your contacts on a single list, you can take advantage of different segmentation options, which can be found under ‘’Segments’’ and ‘’Create a segment’’. Here you can divide your entire list into smaller ‘’sub-lists’’, which for example, can be based on what permission they have, what gender they are, their opening rate or something completely else.

As always, our customer support will gladly provide any help and give recommendations for your subscription. You can contact us at +45 72 44 44 44.

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