The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation: A Hands-On Guide

As you increase the scale of your digital marketing, are you able to maintain a level of personalization that creates a deep, lasting relationship throughout the customer journey?

Download this e-Book and we’ll help you build a plan for how you’ll actually use marketing automation to nurture your leads with relevant, targeted messages that get results.

One area that differentiates Leaders is what keeps them up at night.  Lead generation keeps everyone up but Leaders are more likely to be worried about lead handoff from marketing to sales and retention of customer/install base than top-of-funnel lead generation. Also, leaders are more likely to have achieved sales and marketing alignment i their business.

Leaders leverage Marketing Automation technology to better understand the digital behavior patterns of customers and buyers. By capturing where, when and to what customers respond to, marketers are much better able to serve up the right content and offers, at the right time, to the right persona through the right channels and in the most effective formats.


It all comes down to data. While Marketing Automation will not provide a complete 360 degree view of the customer, the data it captures combined with the data from other solutions in your Marketing Technology stack can provide the near real-time insights needed to continuously fine-tune how marketing and sales deliver value-add to current customers and future buyers.

Integrate all your systems and make sure they talk together and exchange data, so every department has a clear and transparent look into the behaviour and actions of your customers. Sales, Marketing, Delivery, Customer Service, Accounting – everybody needs to know what your customers are doing, what they expect from you and how they perceive your organization and your products.

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