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All the functionality you would expect, with a host of intuitive new tools you might not

eMailPlatform offers seamless integration of your email campaigns with SMS & omnichannel marketing. Regardless of where you interface with your customers, our platform and features are there to support you, giving you the time to be creative.


We help your business customize our intuitive drag and drop editor to suit the graphic needs of your business.

Upload and scale images, change colours and fonts, define links, add merge fields, surveys and intelligent content.

You can also add buttons for social sharing, video content – and much, much more.

With our drag and drop editor anyone can create fully responsive, beautiful newsletters that can be read and look perfect on any platform, be it PC, Mac, tablets or smartphones.


Personalization & Segmentation

eMailPlatform is an email marketing, marketing automation and sms marketing solution that makes it possible to engage in a genuine conversation with each individual member of your chosen audience.

You can send very simple newsletters that can be created in a few moments using our built-in drag and drop editor, or you can set up more advanced flows that respond to the individual recipient’s habits and online behavioural patterns.


eMailPlatform supplies you with a fully integrated survey module with advanced options. The output from these surveys can be exported to Excel for you to further analyze or use to present the results.


Split Testing

A/B testing allows you to try out different campaigns with a sample group from a contact list or segment. Then, depending upon the success criteria you set, it will ensure the most-appropriate campaign is sent out to the remainder of your contact list. Who will win: Campaign A, B or X ? Send the winner automatically to your chosen audience.

Dynamic and Relevant Content

Dynamic Content in newsletters sent by eMailPlatform changes based on the interests or past behaviour of the individual recipient. Using this tool in eMailPlatform creates an experience that is customized specifically for the reader at that precise moment

Our Relevant Content tool allows you to serve up content in your newsletters that is important and really matters to the recipient. Using segmentation combined with your data, you are able to ensure that you serve up only the content that really matters to your audience.

eMailPlatform learns from your recipient’s behaviour and uses the information to better target your content. We use the information we gather around their behaviour to help you create the optimal newsletter.



eMailPlatform allows you to send automated emails that are filled with relevant content from your website or -shop, Facebook, Instagram, finance system, CRM sysem or any useful feed.

With External Content we dynamically read RSS, XML, Facebook and Instagram feeds and can automatically add these into your campaigns and automated flows within a design framework tailored specifically to your company branding.

More advanced features also enable what we call Repeat Sending, where a campaign can be automatically resent if, for example, more than two articles in one or more of your chosen feeds have been updated.

You have control, you set the parameters. Always.


Exchange of data should be easy. That is why we have developed standard integrations with all the solutions, programs, systems and services with which you are familiar – and perhaps even some you have yet to discover. However, if your solution is not here then just reach out to our customer support team and they will be more than happy to help you.

eMailPlatform can be easily connected up to your existing solutions. Amongst others we integrate with Drupal, DynamicWeb, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Navision, PrestaShop, SalesForce  and SmartWeb.

The unique thing about our standard integrations is that they are maintained by eMailPlatform in cooperation with web shops, finance systems or the specific CMS provider. The integration automatically transfers data between the platforms either in a one-way or return flow.


Social Sharing

It is easy to share a newsletter on social media.

eMailPlatform supports sharing on all well-known social media platforms. With just a few clicks, the recipient of a newsletter can post your newsletter to their own social profile.

As a sender you can connect eMailPlatform with your business’s Facebook or Twitter profile. eMailPlatform will then be able to automatically publish the newsletters you select.

Omni-channel Publishing

eMailPlatform is a truly flexible and scalable solution, creating a seamless integration with your omni-channel marketing strategy.

Like you, we view the experience as a totality, looking through the eyes of your customer. We therefore see our role as helping orchestrate the customer experience across all channels so that it is seamless, integrated, and consistent.

We fully understand that customers may begin their journey in one channel and move to another as they progress towards their final destination.

eMailPlatform is your perfect omni-channel publishing partner.



The eMailPlatform FlowBuilder takes planning, execution and delivery of your communication to the next level. Unlike anything else currently available, FlowBuilder will ensure the vital time you dedicate to being creative is even more fun and productive.

With FlowBuilder you can tailor your campaigns perfectly within your omni-channel marketing plans, helping you take them from the strategic to the tactical. We’re really excited about FlowBuilder, and we are sure you will be too.


Integration with email and omnichannel

SMS marketing is part of an integrated and omni-channel communications process. Using intelligent segmentation and behavioural data sets ensures that your SMS messages can either prompt or respond to the actions of your customers perfectly.

SMS Editor

Truly personalize your communications, adding whichever custom fields and data you might wish, merging this information dynamically into your message.

You also need not worry about sending more lengthy SMS messages as these are sent seamlessly to your chosen recipients.

We provide 100% deliverability by using trusted local telecoms providers.


Be supported

eMailPlatform is proud to offer truly world-class customer support. From the get-go you will be supported by our dedicated team, who are on hand to help ensure your experience with eMailPlatform is as enjoyable and profitable as possible.

They will help with onboarding you into the system, guide you through the entire set-up process, and advise on all aspects of your experience with us.

Should you have any special requests, they will take these in and, if they are easily accommodated, work to have them implemented in a very short order. Should your request be more complex, they will share it with our developers so they can add it to our improvement and development backlog.

Whatever your need might be, we are here to help you.

Intelligent SMS Marketing

eMailPlatform combines SMS and email marketing in one and the same platform.

Once your recipients they have agreed to receive them, SMS messages can be sent easily, and your recipients can unsubscribe with just a click if need be. You can feed information from the recipient’s profile into the SMS and the automatic flows in MailPlatform can react intelligently with an SMS, for example as a follow-up on an action, or lack of action, in an email campaign.

All SMS campaigns are sent through trusted local telephone companies in order to guarantee 100% secure delivery. Prices vary per provider, so please contact us for more details.


Marketing Automation

Send a personal greeting on your customers’ birthdays. That is just one of the many possibilities you have with automated flows in eMailPlatform. Flows are put together using “building blocks” that can respond to any changes.

You can create a welcome flow for all new customers or sign-ups. Alternatively, you can follow-up automatically on other automated flows, for instance, communicating 8 days after an online purchase, or after the recipient has clicked on something specific in an email or on your website.

The system can also learn from the recipient’s behaviour and use it to enrich all new automated flows.

Easy Import and Export

It is a matter of just a few clicks to import and export your contacts in eMailPlatform from Outlook, Excel and many other systems.

Our system automatically recognises the file you upload and sees to it that the recipient data is imported correctly and quickly. You can import data directly from an Excel sheet or a contact/distribution list from Outlook, from your web shop, another email system or other data source.