LeadScoring is now integrated in eMailPlatform

When are your customers ready to buy? LeadScoring function can answer that question by following your customers’ journey from an unknown visitor of your website to the named person. We have created LeadScoring in eMailPlatform as a part of Tracking functionality.

Perhaps your company is selling cars. In that case, you will be able to often recognize a long selling and decision-making process. On the contrary, if your company is selling pencils, then the most of your customers’ decision-making process will be extra short. Those are of course two extremes, but nevertheless, it is a reality for Danish eMailPlatform, which has clients from all different industries in many countries in the world.

“We have worked hard to develop a LeadScoring functionality, which can easily be customized and used for all industries, where lead value can be adjusted, from point that is awarded from newsletter clicks, to showing product lists, products and steps in the purchase flow. All points can be individually adjusted and more flows can be set’’, says founder of eMailPlatform, Kim Østergaard.

Marketing newsletters that are targeting in the right way, which are targeted to each recipient perform at least ten times better than one-to-many sendings. This confirms numerous American and European conducted research studies.

Tracking of everything – from click, downloads and purchase of products

Think if you could follow a customer before becoming a customer. Yes, actually from before they even indicate who they are, across the smartphone, tablet and computer, with the ability of communicating purposefully to them.

This is what Danish eMailPlatform has developed and makes available to its customers at no additional cost. ‘’We have made Tracking feature so that it works across all CMS solutions and webshop systems. In fact, our Tracking teaches for example how the customer’s webshop puts an item in the basket, removes it again, and similar actions’’, explains Erik Madsen, product manager in the company from Vejen.

Within the Tracking setup, eMailPlatform can for example record ‘’Add to basket’’ action and collect all the information that is usually communicated only internally in the webshop. Many webshop owners make some kind of ‘’invisible profile’’ of the person who buys by sending the information about the item with the click that adds it to the shopping cart.

Every action can be registered and used

Every action that comes from a recipient, a lead, or a customer, can be recorded by Tracking in eMailPlatform.

For example, an event can be like the example previously mentioned, where a webshop wants to profile their goods by the ‘’Add to basket’’ action. ‘’An online company that sells children’s clothing can increase their knowledge through profiling by sending item’s gender and age with in the purchase’’, says Kim Østergaard. In that way, the information can be directly used for segmentation and increased targeting, without asking the customers about their preferences.

It could also be a car dealer who has a lot of brochures for download on its website. The brochures are for different car models and therefore normally car dealers would need to collect different behaviours on each download. Cars are available in many brands, models, years and thus price ranges.

That supports events in eMailPlatform which can record each download and use it for profiling each visitor and recipient and thus collect knowledge about visitor’s preferences regarding cars, and that knowledge can be directly used in marketing campaigns.

If a customer visits company’s website or webshop from multiple devices, smartphone, tablet and computer, those devices will be joined into one customer profile.

In a Marketing Automation perspective

To get the most out of the gathered knowledge from Tracking and LeadScoring, automated flows, a part of Marketing Automation concept, will be a good place to start.

Abandoned shopping cart is one of the most known flows, based on actions from a webshop.

“Numerous online shoppers abandon their shopping cart. Maybe they regret it, maybe they don’t have a means of payment at hand, maybe they are disturbed by their children or something else. Nevertheless, the result is a lost deal for the online shop’’, says Kim Østergaard.

Lost shopping cart feature gathers the products that are left in the shopping cart, both the products that are placed in the basket and removed again. And with few clicks eMailPlatform can send the shopper a follow-up email automatically, both if a shopping cart is completely abandoned, the purchase is partially completed or combination of these two.

Another flow could be a follow-up to a particular LeadScore, perhaps gathered over many months, when the customer has visited company’s website, made one or more purchases, abandoned a number of shopping carts and much more. All actions will accumulate a LeadScore that tells about visitors’ activity. Marketing campaigns can target people with a specific score, specific actions and different behaviours – or a good mix of them.

“What makes the difference for most businesses is a correct setup of their marketing automation platform. Many times it is a correct data model, combined with the right flows in an optimal composition, that makes the difference between success and mediocrity’’, concludes Kim Østergaard from eMailPlatform. Of course, the platform itself should have features available, but their execution is what will account for over half of the success.

About eMailPlatform and Kim Østergaard

Kim Østergaard had since 1998 run an online business, both independently and in charge of a fashion group Bestsellers online business. Moreover, Kim has been a consultant for a number of large multichannel retailers and since 2012 he founded eMailPlatform, a company with a base in Vejen in South Jutland.

eMailPlatform currently employs over 60 employees in Denmark and Macedonia. In addition to a number of colleagues in the 7 countries where the company has subsidiaries that conduct sales and support to customers in countries such as South Africa, Peru, Canada, USA, Norway, Spain and Macedonia. By the end of 2018 there will also be subsidiaries in Finland, Sweden and Germany.

eMailPlatform has just received its second ‘’Gazelle’’ award from a renowned Daily magazine ‘‘Børsen’’. In 2017, the company has also been awarded by a regional Digital Gazelle.

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