Marketing Automation

Use eMailPlatform to strengthen your business with Marketing Automation.

Use eMailPlatform to strengthen your business with Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation is a well-functioning machine that ensures your customers remain loyal – a central focal point in any customer club. With Marketing Automation, you can target the customers at the times that make the most sense to both customers, but also your revenue created through your Email Marketing.

eMailPlatform has the tools for Marketing Automation, which automates campaigns across various media.

You can respond intelligently to any action, across email, SMS and web.

We help your business to achieve an even better bottom line. Marketing Automation tools are included in all subscriptions. We call the features Automated Flows and Intelligent Content.

How does Marketing Automation work?

With Marketing Automation, you can set up flows where you automatically send Email Marketing to the subscribers on your email list. And while it may sound complicated, it’s actually quite straightforward, and something that can, to a great extent, contribute to your business.

Earlier, common focus with email marketing was to broadcast newsletters at selected times because there were no other tools. With Marketing Automation you now have opportunities that target your customers much better – and at the same time, you get more time to focus on other important tasks in your businesses.

Typically, you see higher conversion rates with Marketing Automation than with ordinary email marketing campaigns.

Whether your business is B2C, B2B or something completely different Marketing Automation is very relevant for you to use.

Generally speaking, there are three fundamental components in the Marketing Automation process. 1. Data must be collected so that you can set up triggers that automatically can send the email. 2. Set the rule of how you want to target the person. 3. Finally, the content itself must be prepared.

Make a strategy about how you would like to target your customers with your email marketing and at what times. A very basic example on Marketing Automation is to set up a welcome flow when a person subscribes to your newsletter. The person is here in a mindset to act and you know he or she has shown interest in your business.

A few additional examples of Marketing Automation flows:

1. A person has subscribed to the newsletter and subsequently makes a purchase on the webshop
2. If the customer has made a purchase for less than 1.000 kr., the customer will receive an email with products of type 1. If the customer has purchased for more than 1.000 kr., the customer will receive an email with type 2 products.

1. The customer has birthday on the 25th of January
2. On the day of the birthday an email with discount code will automatically be sent with a free gift or 20% discount

1. The person has subscribed to the newsletter but is yet to make a purchase on the webshop
2. Through a series of automated mails, you send information to the person which creates a trust-relationship between you and the customer, which ultimately convinces the customer to buy on your webshop.
After the purchase, the customer is moved to another Marketing Automation flow – for people who have purchased on the webshop.

Omnichannel Publishing with Marketing Automation

eMailPlatform is a truly flexible and scalable marketing automation solution, seamlessly integrating with your omnichannel marketing strategy.

Just like you, we view the experience as a totality, seeing through the eyes of your customer. We therefore see our role as helping you orchestrate the customer experience across all channels so that it is seamless, integrated, and consistent.

We fully understand that customers may begin their journey in one channel and move to another as they progress towards their final destination.
eMailPlatform is your perfect omnichannel publishing partner to work across the channels.


The eMailPlatform FlowBuilder takes planning, execution and delivery of your communications to the next level. Unlike anything else currently available, FlowBuilder ensures the vital time you dedicate to being creative is even more fun and productive.

With FlowBuilder you can tailor your campaigns perfectly within your omnichannel marketing plans, helping you take them from the strategic to the tactical.

We are really excited about FlowBuilder, and we think you will be too.

Weblinks (integrated site-tracking)

eMailPlatform registers every action carried out by your recipients.

We collect information about how many people open your newsletters, what they click on, who unsubscribes and which email addresses are no longer valid.

Unsubscribed and bad addresses are automatically removed from your lists.

You can also see if the recipients open your emails on a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Most of all, we have made it easy for you to understand how your campaigns perform. At a glance you are able to see how many recipients open and click on your campaigns, who they are, and when it happens.

Furthermore, should you wish to do so, you can create your own filters and data cubes to ensure the content you serve up is even more relevant.


Tracking feature in eMailPlatform connects web, app and other channels with eMailPlatform.

The feature handles abandoned basket, products added and removed from the shopping basket, steps in the purchase flow (checkout steps), other flows, product views, product and category mapping and should you have the need for it, the feature can also handle traffic tracking on other pages, and it can record events such as click, play and download.

All collected actions can be used to create possible segments and automated flows. In other words, we have made it easy to communicate intelligently based on data.

Read more about webtracking here.

Intelligent content with focus on the recipient

Most companies unfortunately do not send intelligent newsletters and thereby do not take into account the recipients interests or what kind a content the recipient would like to see in a newsletter.

The newsletters that are automated or part of a flow are often called Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation does not need to be particularly intelligent, however, the timing and order of messages is often set up by the sender.

Intelligent content with eMailPlatform can have many faces.

It can come directly from an external source, such as for example, a webshop and products.

The products can be selected for the individual, based on past behavior on the website, purchase or just behavior in the newsletter.

These above explained features in eMailPlatform are called External Content, Dynamic Content and Relevant Content.

Listen, learn and react with Marketing Automation

Back in the day creating individual customer relations was easy. The local butcher knew his customers personally, and he could target his spoken message directly to Mrs. X.

Today, the outlets have grown, the butcher has in many places moved into the supermarket, the mall or in the huge centers. Nowadays, we experience a big flow of customers, where personal knowledge has no significance for the business. Trading is a larger customer base.

The faces of the customers are blurred on the Internet. They hide behind screens of different characters. This calls for tracking and systems for targeting the messages.

eMailPlatform is a system where you as a sender can learn from the behavior of the recipients. We call it Contact Update. eMailPlatform learns from the recipients clicks in a newsletter or text message and receives behavioral data from the webshop, website, finance system, CRM solution or another fifth source.

The collected behavior can directly be translated into intelligent flows of campaigns distributed by email or SMS, or the data can be used on other channels – a variation of real omnichannel marketing.

Marketing Automation with welcome flows, campaign flows and other flows

There is nothing like a warm welcome. It works in the physical world – and it works in the digital world.

Give a warm welcome to a new contact, a prospective customer, or perhaps a customer who has just purchased or visited your service by sending a targeted mail or an SMS message. Learn more about from where they have subscribed, what they bought or where they came from.

You as the sender, should collect and enrich their profile with the new information based on the action they will take in the first message from eMailPlatform. At the same time, it is easy to build segments for the various interests.

If you sell clothes, for example, clothes for men, women and children – it would be relevant to target the messages to the recipients needs. Tell eMailPlatform that you sell items within these categories and set up flows that respond to the recipients’ behaviour. If a recipient clicks on the man category, this can make a new flow, simply because a change of category is made. If the recipient is already in the category, a deeper targeting can be made, for example, product category.

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