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Finding the right package for you could not be easier

How our pricing works

With the eMailPlatform business model you only pay for the campaigns your business needs to send. All modules are included, so you won’t find any additional charges for these, and neither are there hidden costs nor other conditions.

That’s just how we prefer things – simple and straightforward.

Simply type in the number of contacts you have in the field below, and then use the slider to help you select your perfect package.

All prices are per month excluding VAT. There are no setup costs.

Enter number of contacts:


/ month

Number of campaigns per month:


With eMailPlatform you can have unlimited contacts in the system. And we will not automatically upgrade you.
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Package: 0 Email Credits

With 0 contacts sending 0 monthly campaigns, you will need our package with 0 monthly email credits. Our system can easily adapt to your sending needs.

Unlimited contacts

At eMailPlatform we do not think that a pricing structure should make the number of contacts you have a financial stumbling block to your success – quite the opposite in fact.

Regardless of the size of your contact list, eMailPlatform can support your campaigns without breaking the bank.

There is no limit to the number of contacts you can import and to whom you can send out, we charge purely the basis of the volume of your campaigns.

Pay only for what you send

We don’t penalise you for being a success, and for wanting to build on that. Instead, our approach is simple, you pay only for what you send, no hidden fees, no surprises.

eMailPlatform believes in total transparency with our customers. If your volumes change at any time, if you need more, or indeed less in terms of email or SMS credits, we will happily respond to your requirements. 

The only condition we have is a standard 3 month cancellation period from the end of a given month.

We are eMailPlatform

eMailPlatform have companies in more than 10 countries and service around 10,000 customers.

The company was founded in 2011 by Kim Østergaard. It is still owned by the founder and senior executives. Jens Baun was the man behind bringing the platform to North America.

Today, we employ more than 50 employees. In addition, each country office has its own organization for onboarding, support and sales. For us it is important to be close to our customers.

We believe that constant innovation is the way to long lasting success for our customers and partners. Therefore, we launch new features and updates every single month to eMailPlatform.

eMailPlatform is a healthy company that has realized profits every year.