5 Email Marketing Strategies That Will Get You Seen and Heard

Despite the explosion in new channels in recent years, email marketing remains today just as important, effective and essential to the success of your business as it ever was, and it does so across all metrics: In 2017, there were 3.7B email users globally, and this...

Win-Back strategies that really work

Churn has always been a reality for every business, and in this day and age of instant gratification and apparently infinite choice, client retention has become even more important for the success of a business.  The bottom line is that it is 50% easier to sell to an...

Saving Time with Marketing Automation

As we explore elsewhere, Marketing Automation is essentially the toolkit that enables you as a user to automate and link set elements of your marketing-related actions, analyse the results of these activities, and improve and augment your communications as a result,...

Creative Segmentation – Going Beyond the Basics

Segmentation in email marketing as a concept is very simple, but more than that, it also extremely powerful when done creatively. What is segmentation? Segmentation is the process of dividing your contact list up into smaller more closely defined groups based on...

Content Types – what are they, and what do they do?

As we explore elsewhere on eMailPlatform, Content Marketing should form a vital part of your overall communication strategy. You want to meet your customers where they live and so you are always looking to engage your audience and build their customer journey through...

7 Great Email Marketing Examples to Inspire You

7 Great Email Marketing Examples to Inspire You   Is Email Marketing still relevant? You bet your life it is. Research from Statista shows us that there were around 3.8 billion email users in the world in 2018. A figure that is projected to rise to 4.4 billion by...

Abandoned Carts – The Tale of the Haunted Shopping Trolley

Yes.  You ARE doing it right. Your marketing strategy IS working.  You CAN see them. They ARE there. More and more visitors are coming to your webshop. The metrics (and spend!) you can see on Facebook Ads and Google Ads accounts stand as testament to this. But the...

Getting your gam(ifcation) face on

Gamification and email marketing Personalisation, segmentation, increasing relevance of content, and subject line optimisation are all examples of perfectly valid (and indeed correct) strategies to engage with your audience when using email marketing.  That said,...

Make your email more lively with animated GIFs

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you will have noticed that the emails you receive are becoming more and more creative. The battle for space in your customers’ inbox is tough, so it is about making emails as interesting as possible. There is no room for triviality today. Everyone expects something special.

7 ideas for personalization of emails

Today, everything is about making things as personal as possible.
Nevertheless, many people do not get to use the many exceptional opportunities that lie in adapting content precisely to the individual recipient.
It may be because you have not collected a sufficient amount of necessary data, or it may be a lack of knowledge.

Use Facebook to support your newsletters

Do you have a newsletter that is very important to you, as for example, an upcoming big sale? In that case, consider using Facebook to boost the attention on the sales. With a Facebook ad, you can create extra attention on your important campaigns before, during and after they are launched.

Email bounce codes and rules

Email bounces and explanation of bounce codes. When you, as a customer at eMailPlatform, send an email to a contact, a response will be sent back from the recipient’s mail server to eMailPlatform’s mail server. If the email is bounced, there are a number of different codes that indicate why the email is bounced from the recipient’s mail server.

Marketing Automation examples

Marketing Automation is a fantastic tool that can help you bring your email marketing to a whole new level. By using the software, you can automatize parts of your marketing process.

5 advice for good subject lines in newsletters

Your newsletters are not much better than the subject line you create for it. It can be said as simple as that. If you do not manage to create a subject line that tickles the recipients’ interest, then they will not open your email, and all your hard work on creating the email is lost.

Create and maintain a strong email list

The quality of your email list is alpha and omega for succeeding with your newsletters. While the number of subscriptions on your email list is often the one that an Email Marketing responsible is most focused on, the quality of the collected leads is an often overlooked parameter – despite the fact that it is basically one of the most important success criteria in your Email Marketing.

Avoid unsubscribe from a newsletter – 9 strong advice

Why do people unsubscribe from my newsletter? Although every Email Marketing responsible hates seeing people unsubscribing from the newsletter, it is a reality that everyone must face.
For each sent newsletter there will always be a number of people who, for one reason or another, no longer want to be subscribed to the newsletter.

Avoid pitfalls in your Email Marketing

In order to make email marketing as effective as possible, it is important to stay sharp, make use of best practices and avoid the most obvious pitfalls. Many people forget to take into account the most obvious things, perhaps due to the lack of time or perhaps because over time, people simply forget about the otherwise obvious things.

Free image bank

If you work in marketing, where you often have to use images for your marketing campaigns, then you know how expensive it can be to use images that are legal to use for marketing purposes. Here are some examples of image banks with good, free images.

Set up the perfect welcome email

One of the biggest sins in Email Marketing is when you do not bid your new subscribers a warm welcome. Many people forget to do something about their new followers and think that it is good enough to wait with doing something before the first campaign is sent to the subscriber.

Tools for newsletters

With the right tools the creation of newsletters can make your work significantly easier, more efficient and often much more fun. Here are some tools which can help you with the work, so you have more time to focus on creating the right content.

What is Multichannel Marketing?

Multichannel Marketing, in its core meaning, means using multiple channels online as well as offline, to contact existing customers as well as potential customers. It ranges from online over offline to mail order catalogues.

What is SPAM?

By definition, SPAM is irrelevant email sent to a group of recipients who are not interested in receiving the email. This can for example happen because you have purchased a list of email addresses, that you now send newsletters to without asking.

Why do my newsletters end up in the SPAM folder?

One of the things you fear the most when sending your newsletters is that they will end up in the SPAM folder. Here are a number of good advice on how to best ensure that your emails actually end up in the recipient’s inbox.

25 good ideas for the newsletter

Have you run out of ideas for the newsletter and do you need good ideas to breathe a little life into them? Remember that your customers expect to hear from you continuously, and it can quickly become monotonous for them with the same content. There are plenty of good ideas for your newsletter, and below are the 25 ideas as an inspiration for you.

Do you measure the full effect of your newsletter?

Your newsletter often brings more value than just the direct derivative conversion, and it is also important to keep an eye on what other sub-goals, or micro conversions your newsletter contributes with.

Marketing Automation Best Practices

With Marketing Automation you can set up a number of automated processes with different messages and actions that will be executed at a specific time. Here are a number of examples of best practice in Marketing Automation.

Omnichannel Marketing

One of the buzzwords you often hear about online marketing is Omnichannel Marketing. But what is it really? Basically, Omnichannel means that you have a strategy to offer the same smooth experience for the customer regardless of channel or device being used.